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Artist Statement 

I graduated from the “ Institut Superieur d’Architecture St Luc, “ in Brussels, Belgium with a degree in interior design .


Completing my designs with watercolor renderings and perspectives was always my favorite part. I fell in love with this medium, and have been painting since.


When I go back home to visit my family and friends, I like to take a stroll down old villages, immersing myself in the local surroundings. I hear sounds, murmurs, conversations and laughs behind the shutters. Through the openings of the house, good or bad aromas trigger my sense of smell. Here life is confined, structured and carefully controlled.


In opposition to my windows, the animals generate my dream of an escape to the wild. The power of nature invades my soul with peacefulness. Life here dominates in a respectful silence, beauty and innocence, with total freedom.


Martine Callebaut

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